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Leader Continued.

The assets of rogue states are seized and frozen to discourage them from the actions that truly civilised nations abhor.  Israel's overseas assets should be seized and used to ensure that they pay for all the material damage they have caused and for its repair.  They should not be immune from the full cost of what they have done and their victims nor the international community should not.

Palestine after the unlawful occupation ends must be invested in so that it does not remain dependant upon a state that resents its very existence.  Not just by governments and industry but also by individuals sending gifts of hard currency to Palestine, as pro-Israelis have done to maintain Israel since its fabrication.  The example of Jamaica and its efforts to free itself from international debt are another example where the actions of individuals can have profound effects upon the health of a nation.

Political solutions are dependent, for their long-term success, upon all parties being satisfied with the settlement.  It is impossible for a people deprived of political or economic power over their own affairs to offer any degree of stability in international affairs or to feel any satisfaction with the results of negotiations.  The examples of the continuing disputes between peoples divided by the arbitrary borders of post-colonial politics are ample testament to this.  On every continent we see the effects of contrived and imposed treaties.  Germany, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Korea, most of Africa and the treaties imposed upon the Native Americans are all situations where economic stability and commensurability were not considered or ignored and the negative affects are still with us.

None of the parties in the Middle East need a short term solution that will be an excuse for another contrived invasion in the future and as human beings they deserve far better.