Sayings of 'Ali (as)  CCLXV to CCLXXXIX

CCLXIV. The hearts grow weary like the bodies; give them life through the attainment of wisdom by reflecting upon the nature of things.

CCLXV. The lowest form of knowledge is the one which (only) appears upon the tongue while the loftiest is the one made manifest by the organs and the limbs.

CCLXVI. Let no one from you say "O Allah I seek refuge from trails!" for no one is spared from them, rather say, "I seek protection from the misguidance brought about from trials and tribulation".

CCLXVII. Action accompanied with piety no matter how insignificant is not considered little for how can that which is accepted be deemed unworthy?

CCLXVIII. The person closest to the Apostles is the one who is most aware of their message.

CCLXIX. There is no virtue in your possession of excessive wealth and offspring rather virtue and merit are (awarded) by greater knowledge and perseverance and by your devotion to your Lord.

CCLXX. Indeed the friend and one close to Muhammad is the one who, even if he is unrelated to him, obeys Allah, while the enemy of Muhammad is the one who, even if he is related to him, disobeys Allah.

CCLXXI. Justice is more excellent than bravery.  For if people had practised justice commonly among themselves there would be no need for bravery.

CCLXXII. One who does whatever he wishes will meet what he does not wish for.

CCLXXIII. The slave to desire is lower than an actual slave.

CCLXXIV. People are of two types, the one who is not content and the one who seeks and does not find.

CCLXXV. In the Qur'an there is news of what has preceded, information of what shall come after you and judgement of what is among you.

CCLXXVI. Whoever has been given four things has not been prevented from four others: whoever has been given a way of supplication is not prevented from the response; whoever has been given the way of repentance is not denied; whoever has been given a way of seeking pardon is not denied forgiveness; whoever has been given thankfulness is not denied increase.

CCLXXVII. We wish that death does not overtake us until we repent and we repent until death overtakes us.

CCLXXVIII. The ignorant person is insignificant although advanced in years while the learned are great even when of youthful age.

CCLXXIX. Have mercy upon the poor for their inadequate patience.  Have mercy upon the rich for their inadequate thanks. Forgive them all for the size of their negligence.

CCLXXX. O people anyone who knows his brother in faith to be righteous in the matters of religion and steadfast upon the right path then he should not pay heed to the wrong that people say of him

CCLXXXI. O slaves of Allah I admonish you to turn away from this world that will abandon you even though you wish not to leave it. The world that ages your bodies and removes your youth no matter how much you wish to retain it.

CCLXXXII. O people I have indeed admonished you in accordance with what the Prophets have admonished their nations with and I have discharged the duties of the successors after them.

CCLXXXIII. O people! If you do not aid the truth and do not abase falsehood then, no one who is not your equal shall become desirous of you.

CCLXXXIV. O people! Do not be dissuaded from the truth through the lack of its followers for indeed the people have gathered at a banquet whose morsels are few and its hunger is lengthy.

CCLXXXV. O Allah I seek refuge with You from poverty while You are my Wealth, from straying while You are my Guide, from being unjustly treated while You are the Authority or from being persecuted while the affairs are in Your hands.

CCLXXXVI. O Allah we seek protection with You from straying from Your counsel or be deviated from Your religion or from pursuing our desires instead of Your guidance.

CCLXXXVII. O Allah deal with me through Your Mercy not Your justice.

CCLXXXVIII. O people! The one who treads on the clear path reaches the water and the one who strays from it is lead to the wilderness.

CCLXXXIX. O people! Indeed this world is a passage while the Hereafter is a permanent abode, thus take from this passage for the eternal abode.

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