Sayings of 'Ali (as) XXIX to LVII

XXIX. Allah has placed obligations upon you do not cause them to go to waste. He has set boundaries for you do not exceed them. He has forbidden you from things do not violate them. He has remained silent concerning certain things but not through forgetfulness, do not burden yourselves with them

XXX. Whenever people disregard matters of faith for the betterment of their world Allah causes them involvement with that which is more damaging

XXXI. Many a scholar has been destroyed through ignorance not being benefited by his knowledge

XXXII. The affairs of Allah cannot be established save by him who does not allow himself to be bribed, nor allows himself to be equalled [by others through their wealth and influence, in the establishment of the laws of Allah], nor does he pursue covetous desires

XXXIII. A wasted opportunity is a source of torment

XXXIV. The example of this world is like that of a snake soft is its touch deadly is the poison soaked within its mouth. An undiscerning fool advances to it while a wise man remains cautious of it

XXXV. He who is negligent in [the performance of good] deeds is afflicted with distress. Allah has no concern with a person in whose wealth or self there is no share for Him

XXXVI. This world is a passage to the eternal abode and the people in it are of two types; a man who has sold his soul to it and is rebuked by it and a man who has bought his soul from it and has been released by it

XXXVII. A friend is not a true friend until he is true to his friend on three occasions; at the time of misfortune, in his absence and at his death

XXXVIII. Prayer (salah) is a means of proximity for every pious person. Pilgrimage (haj) is a way of holy struggle (jihad) for the weak. Every thing has a form of purity (zakah), the purity of bodies is by fasting. The form of struggle for a woman is by maintaining a happy marriage

XXXIX. Increase the descent of sustenance through the giving of alms

XL. One who is confident of a [good] descendent is generous in giving [to him]

XLI. One who economises is not reduced to poverty

XLII. Patience descends in accordance with calamities. The one who strikes his hand onto his thigh [as a sign of non-perseverance] at a calamity reduces the worth of his deeds

XLIII. Anxiety leads greatly to senility and old age

XLIV. How many persons who by fasting gains no more than thirst from it. How many a person who stands long nights in worship but has no more than sleeplessness and toil from his wakefulness. How wonderful is the sleep, rest and the eating and drinking of the sagacious

XLV. O son of Adam fear your Lord when you find Him increasing you in blessings as you increase in disobedience.

XLVI. Regulate your faith with the giving of alms. Safe guard your property by the giving of the religious dues. Repel the waves of calamities through supplication

XLVII. A man is concealed underneath his tongue

XLVIII. Has annihilated the one who is unaware of his worth

XLIX. Every man has a final outcome whether sweet or bitter

L. For everyone there is a state of advance and retreat. As for that which retreats it is as if it did not exist

LI. He who perseveres eventually achieves success even if the waiting is lengthy

LII. One who is in agreement with the actions of others is equally involved with them. The one who is involved in falsehood commits two crimes: the crime of committing falsehood and the crime of being satisfied with it

LIII. Reprimand your brother [in faith] through showing him beneficence. Repel his evil by bestowing upon him

LIV. The one who places him self in a position of suspicion has only his self to blame for people's unfavourable opinion of him

LV. One who owns is the one who monopolises

LVI. The one who independently proceeds through his opinion parishes, as for the one who consults others shares in their wisdom

LVII. One who conceals his secrets has control of that which is good for him

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