Sayings of 'Ali (as)  LVIII to XCIII

LVIII. Poverty is the greatest death

LIX. He who attends to the right of one whose right cannot be attained has indeed enslaved him

LX. Obedience is not owed to the creatures in the disobedience of the creator

LXI. A man is not worthy of blame in delaying the taking of his right he is only to blame for taking that which is not his

LXII. [Self] infatuation prevents progress

LXIII. The matter is at hand and the provisions are few

LXIV. Abandoning of sin is easier then seeking repentance 

LXV. How many a morsel has prevented morsels

LXVI. People are enemies of what they are ignorant of

LXVII. One who considers the causes of differing views comprehends the points of faults

LXVIII. One who sharpens the spearheads of rage for Allah is strengthened for the slaying of the strongest of the wrongdoers

LXIX. If you are in awe of a situation then confront it for the intensity of its [self] protection is greater than your fear of it

LXX. Patience is the key to leadership

LXXI. Rebuke the wrongdoer through the reward of the good doer

LXXII. Remove evil from the heart of others by uprooting it from your own heart

LXXIII. Obstinacy undermines opinions

LXXIV. Greed is an unending bondage

LXXV. The fruit of negligence is regret and that of resolve is safety

LXXVI. There is no goodness in remaining silent of a sure judgement just as there is no goodness in is speaking through ignorance

LXXVII. There is never a case in which two claims contradict each other save that one of them is false

LXXVIII. I have never lied neither have I been lied to nor have I been misguided nor has anyone been misguided by me

LXXIX. He who oppresses openly shall face a day of reckoning who severity shall cause him to bite the back of his hand

LXXX. He who manifests his leaf for the truth perishes

LXXXI. He who does not attain salvation through perseverance is destroyed through impatience

LXXXII. Son of Adam you are a treasurer of the wealth of others in whatever you have earned beyond your need

LXXXIII. Every vessel becomes restricted by what is placed within it save for the vessel of knowledge, which expands with knowledge

LXXXIV. The first reward of a patient man through his forbearance is people's assistance of him against his ignorant opponent

LXXXV. He who takes account of his self, benefits, he who is negligent of his self is at a loss. One who fears finds safety. One who contemplates upon a situation gains foresight. One who has foresight gains comprehension and the one who comprehends gains knowledge

LXXXVI. Man's infatuation with his self is his own envy of his intellect

LXXXVII. One not possessing a trunk has dense branches

LXXXVIII. Through the changes of states becomes known the worth of men

LXXXIX. The greatest destruction of the intellect is under the lightening of covetousness

XC. It is not rational to pass a judgement against a trustworthy person on the bases of speculation

XCI. The worst provision for the Hereafter is hostility to the servants [of Allah]

XCII. Controversy destroys advice

XCIII. People do not observe the faults of the one who adopts the clock of

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