Sayings of 'Ali (as)  XCIV to CXXV

bashfulness as his garment
XCIV. A greedy person is in the shackles of disgrace

XCV. Faith is [an expression of] the recognition [of the truth] by the heart, and [its] testimony by the tongue and action [in accordance with it] through the limbs

XCVI. Sufficient is satisfaction as a reign and sound morals as a blessing

XCVII. One who is subservient to a negligent person wastes the rights of others and the one who is subservient to a traitor losses friend

XCVIII. The day of the oppressed against the oppressor is greater than the day of the oppressor against the oppressed

XCIX. As the answers [to an enquiry] increase the truth becomes obscure

C. For Allah there exists a right in every bounty that He bestows, as for the one who discharges this right, he shall have an increase of it and as for the one who fails to discharge it risks losing it

CI. The most noble of the deeds of a noble-minded man is his disregard of what he knows [of the faults of others]

CII. Kindness is more affectionate than kinship.

CIII. Be true to the expectations of one who thinks highly of you.

CIV. The best of deeds is one you have to compel yourself to do.

CV. The bitterness of this world is the sweetness of the Hereafter and the sweetness of this world is the bitterness of the Hereafter.

CVI. Solitariness is a form of madness since the one who is isolated is regretful and if he is not regretful at being detached then his madness is confirmed.

CVII. Loyalty to a traitor is betrayal in the sight of Allah while treachery to a traitor is loyalty in the sight of Allah.

CVIII. The words of the physicians if correct are a cure and if incorrect they become a disease.

CIX. Do not turn your knowledge into ignorance and your surety into doubt. When you acquire knowledge then act in accordance with it and when you achieve surety then proceed with it.

CX. A little [goodness] which is perpetual is worthier than ample that becomes loathsome and tedious.

CXI. Reject the supererogatory forms of devotion when they impede the obligatory.

CXII. Take caution against the fleeing of blessing for not every runaway is returned

CXIII. The one who is mindful of the length of the journey [of the Hereafter] adequately prepares for it

CXIV. Deliberation upon a matter is not the same as witnessing it with the eyes for the eyes may betray the one witnessing through them while the intellect never deceives the one consulting it

CXV. Between you and admonition lies the veil of heedlessness

CXVI. The ignorant among you are increased [in ignorance] while your learned procrastinate

CXVII. Knowledge has severed the pretext of those offering justifications

CXVIII. When Allah wishes to debase a person He prevents him from gaining knowledge

CXIX. How abundant are the warnings and the lessons and how few are the people who contemplate upon them

CXX. Allah has made the provision of the needy an obligation upon the wealth of the affluent. A poor man does not starve save by the delight of a wealthy man. Indeed Allah shall question them of this matter

CXXI. Needlessness of resorting to excuses is more dignified than justification through them

CXXII. The least owed to Allah is to not disobey Him through His blessings.

CXXIII. .Every man has two partners in his wealth: inheritors and misfortunes.

CXXIV. The one who invites others to righteousness without acting in accordance with it is like an archer without an arrow.

CXXV. Knowledge is of two types: the recorded and the heard. That which is

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