Sayings of 'Ali (as)  CLV to CLXXXII

CLIV. Sustenance is of two types: Seeker and the sought for. The one who seeks the world is sought by death until he is removed from this world. The one who seeks the Hereafter is sought by the world until his share of this world is given to him

CLV. Be mindful of the ending of pleasures and the continuity of the consequences [of the actions]

CLVI. Allah does not open the door of thanks giving for His servants then prevents from bestowing upon them greater blessings. He does not open the gates of supplication then refuse to grant them. Allah does not allow access to repentance then refuse to forgive

CLVII. No settlement has a greater right upon you than another. The best place of residence is one where you live

CLVIII. The one who engages in business without knowledge of its laws is inevitably dragged into usury

CLIX. One who magnifies minor afflictions Allah engulfs him in greater calamities

CLX. The burden of desires is lessened for one who gives dignity to his soul

CLXI. No person makes jest of another but that a portion of his reason leaves him at that moment

CLXII. Your abstention from the one who is desirous of you is a form of decrease in fortune while your desire for the one who abstains from you is a form of humiliation

CLXIII. Two types of people will never be satiated, the seeker of knowledge and the seeker of this world

CLXIV. Clemency and patience are inextricably connected and are a result of great resolve

CLXV. Slandering is the method of an incapable person

CLXVI. This world was created for other than itself not for itself

CLXVII. May Allah bless a man who hears the truth and comprehends it, who is called to righteousness and advances to it, who restrains himself to guidance and finds salvation

CLXVIII. Slaves of Allah weigh your deeds before they are weighed. Take account of yourselves before you are made accountable

CLXIX. Remember Allah abundantly for it is the best of remembrance

CLXX. I admonish you O slaves of Allah with piety for it is the best of provisions and by it shall earn the Hereafter

CLXXI. .O people no man, no matter how affluent, may see himself without need of his kinsfolk defending him with their hands and tongues. They are his greatest guardians. They are the best in aiding him to mend his affairs. They are most sympathetic to him at times of calamity.

CLXXII. .O people I fear for you most on account of two things: the pursuit of desires and prolonged expectations. The pursuit of desires becomes an impediment from the truth while lengthy expectation causes the Hereafter to be forgotten.

CLXXIII. Praise be to Allah at the darkening of the night and at the cleaving of the day.  Praise be to Allah at the appearance of a star and at its shining.  Praise be to Allah whose bestowal knows no end and is unequalled.

CLXXIV. Distance yourselves from lying for it is far from faith.  A truthful man exists with distinction in his secret conversations and high mindedness.  A liar exists on the verge of destruction and indignity.

CLXXV. Praise be to Allah, The First. There was nothing prior to Him.  The Last. There is nothing after Him. The Apparent. There is nothing beyond Him. The Hidden. There is nothing other than Him.

CLXXVI. The one whose deeds have slackened him is not advanced through his ancestry.

CLXXVII. The best of abstention is that which is concealed.

CLXXVIII. Faith is built on four pillars: patience, certainty, justice and striving in the way of Allah.

CLXXIX. One who commands goodness strengthens the believers as one who reprimands evil debases the hypocrites.

CLXXX. Not everyone who aims a blow hits the target.

CLXXXI. If He has allowed respite to the oppressor than it not that He has forgotten about him, nay He observes his every step and is like an impediment in his throat.

CLXXXII. Be mindful of the destroyer of pleasures and that which shall make

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