Sayings of 'Ali (as)  CLXXXIII to CCVI

desires appear loathsome and the one that shall cut off lengthy hopes as you become surrounded by your evil deeds.

CLXXXIII. There is no responsibility upon the Imam save discharging the obligations vested with him by his Lord. The giving of admonition and striving to guide the people, reviving the Sunnah, establishing the penal code upon the criminal and giving religious alms to the deserving.

CLXXXIV. Everything is in awe of Him. Everything subsists by Him, the wealth of every pauper and the Dignity of every humble soul, the Strength of every weak man and the Retreat of every troubled soul.

CLXXXV. The best means to Allah is faith in Him and His Apostle and striving in His way for indeed this is the peak of Islam.

CLXXXVI. Whatever you hear is false and whatever you see is the truth.

CLXXXVII. Allah chastises His slaves for their evil deeds by reducing His bounties, removing His blessings and sealing the treasures of goodness.

CLXXXVIII. Praise to Allah, to whom shall journey every living creature. With Him rests the finality of all affairs

CLXXXIX. I admonish you servants to adhere to the fear of Allah who has adorned you and provided you with uncountable bounties.

CXC. Advance to Allah as oppressed not as oppressors. Fear the pathways of the Shaytan and the passageways of enmity. Do not consume that which is unlawful

CXCI. Know that every action is a plant and every plant has to be watered but every water is different.  Thus the plant whose water is good produces sweet fruits and that whose water is not so good produces bitter fruits

CXCII. Praise be to Allah who has made His praise a key for His remembrance and a cause for an increase of His grace and an evidence upon His blessings and Might

CXCIII. Give obedience to Allah, do not disobey Him. Whenever you see good adhere to it and whenever you find evil turn away from it

CXCIV. By Allah O people! I have never directed you to an act of goodness but that I have preceded you to it nor have I ever prevented you from evil but that I have refrained from it before you

CXCV. Indeed my example among you is like a lamp in utter darkness illuminating the path. Therefore listen and comprehend and lend me the ears of your hearts and understand!

CXCVI. How swift are the hours in a day and days in a month and months in a year and years in a lifetime!

CXCVII. Indeed our affair (Imamate) in severe and intense. It cannot be withstood save by a faithful believer whose heart has been tried by Allah. None can comprehend our talk except trustworthy hearts and men with serious temperament

CXCVIII. I praise Him as thanks giving for His bounties and seek assistance from Him in discharging His rights. Mighty is His legion great is His grandeur

CXCIX. Know O slaves of Allah your souls are observers upon you and your limbs are eyes watching you. You have angels recording your deeds and every breath that you take. The darkest night cannot hide you from them nor can the strongest fort prevent them from you. Indeed tomorrow is near to today.

CC. His command is decisive and firm. His pleasure is amnesty and mercy. He decrees through knowledge and pardons through perseverance. O Allah for You is praise for Your giving and taking and upon Your granting well-being and trying by sickness.

CCI. Let your young ones follow in the steps of your elders. Let your elders show clemency to the youngsters not the harshness shown at the time of Jahiliyyah.

CCII. The destruction of this world after its existence is not more astonishing than its origin and invention from nothing.

CCIII. Know that this Qur'an is an admonisher that does not deceive. A guide that does not mislead: A narrator who does not lie. No one sits in the company of this Qur'an save that he stands with an increase or decrease. Increase in guidance or decrease in ignorance.

CCIV. Benefit from the eloquence of Allah. Take admonition from His advice. Advance to His guidance for indeed Allah has devastated His case through plain truth and completed His argument through clear proof. He has explained acts desired and disliked by Him in order for you to follow and refrain.

CCV. By Allah! No people have been removed from a blissful life except by their sins, for Allah does not oppress His servants.

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