Sayings of 'Ali (as)  CCVII to CCXXXVIII.

CCVI. Praise be to Allah who is known without being seen, who creates without exertion. He has created all creatures through his omnipotence and has enslaved every master through His majesty. He is the sovereign over the mighty through his generosity.

CCVII. Medicine does to the body what soap does to the clothes. It cleans them but wears them out.

CCVIII. Words are like medicine, if given in proper measures they cure and if given in large quantities they destroy.

CCIX. There is no disease more incurable than ignorance.

CCX. The best of worship is to remain silent and waiting patiently for relief.

CCXI. Greed is more harmful than poverty, for if a poor man finds something it is enough for him, whereas a greedy person never has enough.

CCXII. Forgiveness is for the one who admits not for the one who persists.

CCXIII. Do not betray anyone who places his trust in you even if he betrays you.

CCXIV. The oppression of the weak is the most disgusting form of oppression.

CCXV. Whoever is aware of his own faults will have no time for the faults of the others.

CCXVI. Anger begins with madness and ends with regret.

CCXVII. May Allah show mercy to a man who sees the truth and aids it and sees tyranny and rejects it

CCXVIII. I dislike for you to be abusive

CCXIX. Indeed it is the right of the one who holds the majesty of Allah in the loftiest rank to consider as insignificant everything other than Him

CCXX. Refrain from extravagance by economising. Be mindful of tomorrow, today. Retain from your wealth in accordance with your needs and give the surplus for the Day of your need (the Hereafter)

CCXXI. The one who belittles trust and encroaches upon disloyalty not cleansing his self and faith from it, has indeed incurred disgrace in this world and shall be most humiliated and dishonoured in the Hereafter

CCXXII. Death is tied to your forelock while the world is folding up from behind you. Fear the fire whose pits are deep, whose heat is intense and whose chastisement is always renewed

CCXXIII. Minimise your increase of provision by realising the weakness of what you can bear. Thus do not load onto your back beyond what you can carry, for it will surely become an evil curse upon you

CCXXIV. There is no sham in a Muslim being ill-treated [at times through circumstances] so long as he does not doubt his faith or feels suspicious of his surety

CCXXV. The worst morsel is the one prohibited and the most evil form of tyranny is oppressing the weak

CCXXVI. If friendliness is deemed stupidity then stupidity is friendliness

CCXXVII. A tradesman is venturesome for how many a times has a little resulted in greater growth than abundance

CCXXVIII. How ignominious is humility at the time of need and antipathy at the time of needlessness

CCXXIX. What you have from this world of yours is all that by which you prepare your eventual abode

CCXXX. Dispel from yourself the attacks of anxiety through steadfast perseverance and goodness of certainty

CCXXXI. The one who transgresses a right will taste its departure while the one who restricts himself to it will enjoy it perpetually

CCXXXII. Not every defect becomes apparent nor is every opportunity attained.

CCXXXIII. Many a time has a man endowed with sight been lead astray through his resolve while a blind man is lead aright by his reason.

CCXXXIV. The one who places his trust in time is betrayed by it and the one who glorify's it is belittled by it.

CCXXXV. Not everyone who shoots strikes the target

CCXXXVI. As the ruler changes so does the destiny.

CCXXXVII. Ask regarding a companion prior to the journey and of the

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