Sayings of 'Ali (as)  CCXXXIX to CCLXIV

neighbour before choosing a residence.
CCXXXVIII. Honour your kinfolk for they are your wings by which you fly and your origin to which you return.

CCXXXIX. Consign to Allah the affairs of your faith and of your world. Ask Him for the best of what He destines for the immediate and the eventual, the world and the Hereafter.

CCXL. Abandon not the enjoining of good and the prohibiting of evil otherwise the worst of you will gain control over you and your prayers [against them] will not be heard.

CCXLI. Paradise is for the soul that discharges its duties to its Lord and has fought against evil within itself and has abandoned its rest at nights [in devotion].

CCXLII. Be restrained from the rage of your pride, the severity of your blade, the assault of your hands, the impetuosity of your tongue.  Refrain from all of that by cool abstention and delay of revenge until your anger subsides and you regain control.

CCXLIII. He ridicules himself; the one who is drawn to greed. He satisfies himself with ignominy; the one who reveals prejudice. He has made his soul contemptible the one who allows his tongue to reign over it.

CCXLIV. Avarice is a defect while cowardice is deficiency. Poverty mutes a sagacious argument. A destitute is a stranger in his homeland. Inability is a calamity. Patience is bravery, abstinence is wealth and piety is a shield.

CCXLV. The best companion is contentment while knowledge is a noble heritage. Good morals are renewable garments and contemplation is a clear mirror.

CCXLVI. The heart of a wise man is the treasury of secrets and a smile is the snare of love. Suspicion is the grave of faults and the one who is pleased with himself causes many to be displeased with him.

CCXLVII. Giving of alms is a curative medicine and the devotion of the slaves [of Allah] in their immediate lives will be the joy of their hearts in their afterlives.

CCXLVIII. Be in wonder of man! He sees by a lump of tissue, speaks through a piece of flesh, hears by a bone and breathes from a cavity.

CCXLIX. When the world advances to anyone it removes the goodness of others from his heart and when it retreats from him, it takes away his own goodness.

CCL. Live with people in a way that if you were to die they would cry for you and if you live, they crowd you for your company.

CCLI. When you overpower your enemy, pardon him as a means of thanksgiving for your control over him.

CCLII. The most incapable among men is the one who is unable to gain friends and worse than him is one who loses his friends.

CCLIII. When the ripples of the bounties [of Allah] come your way then do not repel these waves with a lack of gratitude.

CCLIV. The one who is not appreciated by his near ones is given favour by those who are distant.

CCLV. Not every infatuated individual is worthy of rebuke.

CCLVI. The one who is driven by the bridle of lengthy aspirations stumbles upon his death [before the achievement of his desires].

CCLVII. Assist dignified men to purge their mistakes for never has such a man fallen but that Allah's hand has lifted him.

CCLVIII. Fear is associated with failure, shame with deprivation. Opportunities pass by as the passing of the clouds, thus seize the opportunities of goodness.

CCLIX. The expiation of the grand sins is by helping a troubled soul and by comforting a sorrowful heart.

CCLX. Whatever is being concealed is made manifest through the tone of the speech and the expressions of the face.

CCLXI. I stand bewildered at the one who loses hope of the mercy of Allah while he still has the chance to seek forgiveness.

CCLXII. He who rectifies his affairs with Allah, Allah amends his affairs with the people. He who puts right the matters of his Hereafter, Allah makes right the matters of his world. He who is admonished by his soul, is given protection by Allah.

CCLXIII. The absolute peak of understanding the religion of Allah is to never let people become hopeless of Allah's mercy or to discourage them from expecting the munificence of Allah nor to make them feel safe in their sinful ways from the wrath of Allah.

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