Al-Mahdi Journal

Tabligh-ClearBook Fourteen

During the last year and with a very limited budget ClearBook, its' sponsors and  its helpers have  been granted  many successes.  Several people have converted to Islam, Islamic groups around the world have been helped, individuals have been given support and advice, the homeless have been fed and discussions on multi-faith issues have been held with senior figures of other world religions.
The positive effects of this policy have had many benefits to the community in Birmingham.  Local politicians and officials now refer to the scholars at the Al-Mahdi and Clearbook on issues affecting the Muslim community and when Muslims need help in their dealings with schools, councils and other organisations they have somewhere to seek advice and assistance.

An hadith from the Holy Prophet (saw) says that there is a great reward for the bearer of good news ie. the message of Islam but to realise the full rewards it is not enough just to hear people recite the shahadatain.  There has to be ongoing programmes of support and education and not just for the new Muslims.  Born and long time Muslims need to be refreshed and developed so that the whole of the community is active, vital and refreshed as its' individuals journey towards the Islamic Ideal.  The bodies, minds and souls of the believers must be kept fit and ready to answer our Master's (as) call when it is made!

Ibn Sinna vs. Aquinas.

One of the results of several meetings with senior members of the Catholic Church has been a preliminary discourse between their scholars and members of the Institute on the subject of Aristotlean Philosophy and the role played by Arab scholars in transmitting these Greek works to scholars of the Western Christian churches.
Academics from the Anglican Church were quick to express an interest in joining these discussions and have become actively involved.

Prior to the discussion of the philosophical concepts, their development and modifications there will be a series of informal meetings to define and explain the specific terminologies used by the different faiths in the study of philosophy.  This will lead, inshallah, to greater understanding of each others beliefs and  allow a greater flow of knowledge.

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