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The Information Beyond Matter & Lawh-i Mahfuz--HarunYahya
An Islamic creationist refutation of the theory of evolution. Cover

The Koran, The Time and The Space--
Professor Ibrahim El-Araby
Recollections of a discussion with a sceptical colleague. Page 4

"Am I reading what the Qur'an says or what I think it should say?"--M. Amin-Evans
Extracts from a correspondence about the meaning of some verses of the Qur'an.  Page 6

In Memory of A Mother.- Dr. Liyakat Takim.
Page 10

The Information Beyond Matter
& Lawh-i Mahfuz

Information… This concept today means a lot more than it did even a half century ago. Scientists are developing theories to define information. Social scientists speak of "the information age." Information is becoming a very important concept for humanity.

The discovery of information in the origin of both the universe and life itself is what makes this concept so important in the modern world. Scientists today are realizing that the universe is formed by "
matter, energy and information," and this is replacing the materialistic philosophy of the nineteenth century that defined the universe as being made up entirely of "matter and energy."

So, what does this all mean?

Let's explain through an example, that of DNA. All living cells function according to the genetic information in the double helix structure of DNA. Our bodies are also formed by trillions of cells each with its own DNA, and all the functions of our bodies are registered in this giant molecule. Our cells use protein codes inscribed in the DNA to produce new proteins. The information that our DNA possesses is so large that if you wanted to write it down, it would fill up 900 volumes of encyclopedias, cover-to-cover!

what is DNA made up of? Fifty years ago, scientists would have replied that DNA is formed by nucleic acids called nucleotides and the chemical bonds holding these nucleotides together. In other words, they used to list only the material elements of the DNA. But today, scientists have a different answer: DNA is composed of atoms, molecules, chemical bonds and, most importantly, information.

It's just like a book. We would be quite mistaken to say that a book is only made up of paper, ink and binding for, alongside these materials, it is the information that truly makes it a book. It is information which separates a volume of the
Encyclopedia Britannica from a "book" formed by randomly arranged letters like ABICLDIXXGGSDLL. Both have paper, ink and binding, but one has information while the other does not. The source of information is the author of that book, a mind with consciousness. Therefore we can't deny that the information in DNA was placed there by an intelligent being.

The Information Dead End of Evolutionary Theory and Materialism

The discovery of this fact has sent materialist philosophy and Darwinism, its application to the natural sciences, into a dead end, because materialist philosophy claims that all living things are formed by matter alone and that genetic information appeared somehow by "chance." This is like saying that a book could be formed from a random assemblage of paper and ink.

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