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Issue 3/Volume 1

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     While visiting the Institute Mawlana Hafiz Sayyid Riyaz Hussain Najafi gave a short talk to the students.  He said in conclusion,
      "You are lucky, because you are studying Islam.  You have excellent resources and learned lecturers.  You have been given an ideal Islamic environment to study within but the Qur'an is the foundation of the Deen of Islam and it is a global disappointment for the Muslim Ummah that they have become distant from the glory of the Qur'an.  It is estimated that only 50% of Muslims read the Qur'an and of them only 30% read it everyday.  15% of the total Muslim population of the world!  Out of that dreadful figure only 15-20% understand what they read or have read, at least once, a translation.  This is equivalent to roughly 3% of all Muslims!!  This is greatly disappointing when Muslims have been blessed with such absolute guidance for mankind.
     Reading and learning Arabic will help you to perfect your reading of the Qur'an which will in turn help you to understand the eloquent Qur'an.  Studying Fiqh will enable you to relate to the 600 verses that relate to these important matters.  By studying these you can extract the laws of Fiqh from the Qur'an by yourselves.  You are studying grammar and will place fatah, kasra and dammah on Arabic words in the essays and books that you write.  By studying logic you will understand the reasoning behind the verses of the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet (saw) and of the Aima.  Studying science can only help you in the matters of this short world but the study of Islam will help you in this world and the one after it.                                     .
     I would like to advise you that you are on the right way.  Keep yourselves on this path and make yourselves useful.  For yourselves and others by practising your knowledge.                 .
     Always read the Qur'an, understand it and act upon its' teachings.  By doing this you will find peace of mind and heart.  My prayers are with you and this Institute.  May this Institute be raised in stature and serve the seekers of knowledge in the future as it is serving in the present.  Let it be a beacon of light and knowledge, not only for Birmingham, not only for the UK nor just for Europe but for all the world- Ameen."