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Issue 3/Volume 1

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Imam Zayn al-Abidin-

This is the descendent of al-Husayn and the son of Fatimah
The daughter of the Messenger through whom darkness is dispelled
This is the one whose steps are recognised by the
The House recognises him and the Hil and the Haram
This is the son of the best of the slaves of Allah all of them
This if the God fearing, the purified, the cleansed, the distinguished
When the
Quraysh see him a narrator among them says
With the munificence of this [man] end all generosity
He has arisen to the summit of splendour, from whose attainment
Have fallen short the Arabs of Islam and the non-Arab
Almost ceases him the munificence of his palm
A pillar of the shattered whenever approached he receives

He lowers his gaze in modesty and lowered are the gazes at his majesty
He does not speak save with a smile
Through the palm of his hand is the scent of reed perfumed
How wonderful a palm and from the bridge of his nose is magnificence manifest
From his Grandfather is drawn the excellence of the Apostles to him
And from the excellence of his nation all nations are drawn to him
The light of guidance stems from the light of his forehead
Like the sun from whose radiance fades away darkness
Derived from the Messenger of Allah is his origin
Delightful are its breeds, the dispositions and characters
This is the son of Fatimah if you are unaware of him
Through his Grandfather the Apostles of Allah have come to an end

Allah has bestowed honour on him eternally and has preferred him
By that has inscribed the Pen for him upon His sacred Tablet
Your utterance as to who is this? Does him no injury
The Arabs recognise the one you refuse to acknowledge and the Ajam
Both of his hands are aids  prevalent is their benefit
Dripping with bestowals untarnished by lack
He carries the burdens of people as they are weighed down
Agreeable is his nature, seem pleasant with him are the blessings
He does not violate his promise blessed is his soul
Magnanimous in receiving others, proficient when resolved
Their love is a symbol of faith while their dislike
Is apostasy, proximity to them is deliverance and protection

If the God fearing were reckoned then they would be their Lords
Or if said who are the best of men? It would be replied it is they
No generous man can attain the extent of their generosity
No people can compare with them even if they give in abundance
They are the helpers whenever crises befall
The Lions, lions of wrath as the battle is enraged
Hardship does not decrease in expanse for the one who resists them
All the same whether they posses or lack
By their love are repelled all trails and misfortunes
And is received all goodness and bestowals
Their remembrance follows immediately from the remembrance of Allah
In every affair and by it (their remembrance) is the speech sealed

Humiliation refuses to descend at their courtyard
Of noble dispositions and complying hands at every request
Any creature not observing the fundamental truth
Of this [man] has been deprived of blessings
One thanking Allah thanks the precedence of this [man]
The religion through his house has been attained by the people