The Creed of Shi'a from Their Own Sources

<A creed is a fixed set of principals that must be accepted by individuals to be considered a member of a certain group or hold a certain belief.  As will be shown what is in this list that has creedal value to a Shi'a is misrepresented and is without context to serve an individual opinion or based on a deliberate misinterpretation of both words and intent.  It causes me little problem when someone says that they don't like Shi'ism or that they hold a different interpretation of a particular text but I am totally at a loss to understand what a person hopes to achieve by exposing their own ignorance in producing lists of this type.  As far as I can discern from my reading of Usul al-Kafi the author of this list, Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias, does not directly quote from the text that he refers to in the footnotes but lists his own impression of the meaning of the hadith or statement. The first few words of each section are what he seeks to use as an attack upon Shi'a belief and my answers to his baseless attacks are in bold type.  Shaykh M. Amin >
1.)He has the Quality of 'Badaa'.  <Shaykh Abu Ja'far al-Sadooq reports (in I'tiqadatu 'l-Imamiyyah)  that Imam al-Sadiq as. said, "He who asserts that Allah the Mighty and Glorious does something new which He did not know before, from him I dissociate myself." and he said, "He who asserts that Allah swt., after doing something, repents concerning it, then he in our opinion, is a denier of Allah the Great."   
A definition of bada' is given in Usul al-Kafi 371-8, "I have heard Abu Ja'far saying- Among the Divine Decrees there are some in a state of suspension with Allah.  Among such decrees He sends them forth or delays them as He wills."
Ayatullah Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khu'i wrote, "This subject is important because the actual meaning of bada' is unknown to many Muslim scholars, and hence, they have attributed to the Shi'ites that of which they are innocent.  Moreover, they have not been able to comprehend the subject well and have not been fair in their critique.  If only they had proceeded with caution or had suspended their judgement when they did not know the subject."  From the chapter on modification in creation, Prolegomena to the Quran (Al-bayan fi tafsir al-Quran.)>

2.) This means he forgets. 
< "They have forgotten Allah, so He has  forgotten them"     9,67. Of this verse al-Sadooq (ibid) continues- And the meaning of all this is that He, Glorious and Mighty, shall requite them for their scheming, beguiling, mockery and forgetfulness; and that is He will make them forget themselves, as He, the Mighty and Glorious, has said, "And be not ye as those who forgot Allah, therefore He caused them to forget their souls." 59,19.  For in reality Allah, the Glorious and Mighty, does not scheme nor does He beguile, deride or forget.  Exalted is Allah beyond all this by His Greatness and Glory.>