1. 'Ali b. Muhammad [reports] from Salih b. Abi Himad from al-Husayn b. Yazid from al-Husayn b. 'Ali b. Abi Hamza from Ibrahim form Abi 'Abd Allah (Imam al-Sadiq (as)) that -
As Allah intended to create Adam he commanded Jibra'il on the first hour of the Friday to extract with his right hand a fistful of dust from the seventh heaven to the physical heaven of this world (sama al-Dunya'). And with his left hand to extract a fistful of dust from the first layer of this earth to the seventh layer. Then He commanded Jibra'il to retain the dust in his hands and then he was told to open his hands and the dust spread and separated. Then He said to the dust in the right hand of Jibra'il, "it is from you that I shall create my Apostles, their disciples, the angels, the believers, and those I wish to reward," and thus it was. He then said to the dust in the left hand of Jibra'il, "from you shall I create the tyrants, the infidels, the idolaters, the rebellious and those I wish to disgrace," and thus it was.
Then Allah commanded Jibra'il to combine both the dusts in his hands and this is the meaning of the verse -
"Allah cleaves the seed and the date stone" (6:95)
The seed is the nature of the faithful in whom Allah has placed His friendship while the date stone is the nature of the disbeliever who has been removed from all goodness.
Allah has said -
"He brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living." (6:95)
"Living" is that believer whose nature has become purged from the nature of the disbeliever while "dead" is that disbeliever whose nature has become removed from the nature of the believer. Thus the believer is "living" and the disbeliever is "dead".
And this is the very meaning of the words of Allah -
"As for the one who was dead and We gave him life." (6:122!)
His "death" was an expression of the nature of the disbeliever within him and his "life" is an expression of Allah emancipating him from the nature of the disbeliever.


1. Muhammad b. Yahya [reports] from Ahmad b. Muhammad and 'Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from Hisham b. Salim from Habib al Sijistani. He said: I heard Aba Ja'far (Imam Al-Sadiq) (as) say-
As Allah brought forth the progeny of Adam from his back in order to take the covenant of His Lordship and the verification of the prophethood of every prophet from them. The foremost of the prophets, the covenant of whose prophethood was taken from them, was Muhammad b. 'Abd Allah (s).
Then Allah the (the mighty the magnificent) said to Adam:
"Look! What do you see?"
He said (i.e Abi 'Abd Allah)
Then Adam looked at his progeny as if they were tiny particles spread in the heavens. [At this] Adam (as) said:
"O Lord how numerous is my progeny! For what purpose have you created them? And what is it that You intend from them by taking the covenant"?
Allah the mighty the magnificent said:
"That they worship me and associate nothing with me and bring faith in my Messengers and follow them"
Adam (as) said:
"Then O Lord why do I see some of the specks bigger than others while some have greater radiance and some have less and yet some do not have light at all?"
So Allah the Mighty the Magnificent said:
"In this manner have I created them to test them in everyone of their states."