Adam (as) said:
"O Lord permit me to speak that I may talk".
Allah the Mighty the Magnificent said:
"Speak for indeed your spirit is from my spirit while your nature is other than my essence (
Adam (as) said:
"Had You created them on a single example, to the same extent, with one nature, [of] identical disposition, with similar colours, same ages and equal sustenance then no one of them would have oppressed others. There would not have existed among them mutual envy or hatred nor differences [of views] regarding any matter."
Allah the mighty the magnificent said:
"O Adam! By my spirit have you spoken and through your weakness have you burdened yourself with that of which you have no knowledge and I am the Creator and the All Knowing. By my knowledge have I caused differences in their creation and by my will shall my command prevail within them and to my organisation and destiny do they proceed. There is no changing in what my creation. I have not created the Jin or man except that they worship me. I have created the Paradise for those who obey Me and worship Me from them and follows My Apostles and that is right with me. I have created the Fire for those who disbelieve in me and disobey me and do not pay heed to my Apostles. I have created you and your progeny without any need for you or them. I have not created you or them save to examine you and them [to know] who from you is the best in deeds in the abode of the world, in your lives before your deaths. It is for this reason I have created the world and the Hereafter, life and death, obedience and disobedience, Heaven and Hell. This is what I have intended in my destiny and organisation. Through My penetrative knowledge of them did I make a difference in their forms, bodies and colours, ages and sustenance, obedience and disobedience. Thus I made among them the wretched and felicitous, seeing and blind, short and tall, beautiful and deformed, knowing and ignorant, wealthy and poor, obedient and disobedient, healthy and sick, one with chronic illness and one with no defect. [This in order] that the healthy looks at the diseased and praises Me for his well being and the one who is defected looks at the healthy and supplicates to Me and asks me to grant him wee being and perceivers upon my trail that I may reward him with the best of my blessings. [So that] the wealthy may look at the deprived and praise and thank me and the poor look at the wealthy and supplicate and ask [from] me. [That the] faithful sees the disbeliever and offers praise to Me for his guidance. For this reason have I created them that I try them in ease and in hardship, in well being and tribulation, in what I provide for them and what I prevent from them. I am Allah the Majesty the all-powerful. I have the right to cause to prevail everything that I have ordained upon everything I have organised. For Me is the right to change what I want from that to what I want to precede from it what I have delayed and to delay what I have preceded. I am Allah the Doer of what I will. I am not questioned for what I do and I question my creatures of what they do."


1. Muhammad b. Yahya reports from Ahmad b. Muhammad from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from Salih b. Sahl from Abi 'Abd Allah (the 6th Imam) (as)-
That a group of Quraysh said to the Messenger of Allah (sa)
"Through what merit do you precede the prophets while you were sent as the last of them and as their seal?"
So he said-
"I was the foremost in bringing faith in my Lord and the first to respond as Allah extracted the testimony of the prophets and [as he] made them witnesses upon their souls, saying 'am I not your Lord?' I was the first prophet to say yes [o Lord]. Thus I  preceded them all in giving testimony to Allah"