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Issue 5/Volume 1


      All Muslims are, or should be, aware of the fundamental and essential importance of honouring contracts as an act of faith.  I will admonish myself before going further because the Journal rarely appears on the promised date but I assure you that this is because of misplaced optimism and not out of a desire to deceive.  Even so I am concerned about the impression this gives to readers who, rightly, expect a new edition to be published and ready to read.  I am making efforts to correct the problems that cause these delays but in the meantime I ask for your forgiveness.

       If a delay in publishing a Journal is a cause for concern we should all consider the effects of any failure to deliver what is promised, both to our co-religionists and to non-Muslims.  The fault of one individual can quickly and firmly be attached to all Muslims.  Once trust has gone it becomes increasingly difficult to re-establish it and sometimes it is gone forever.

      Many of the people who listened to the Prophet of Allah (saw) for the first time listened to him not because they were aware of seeking something but because he was the most trustworthy and honourable man they had ever known.  He (saw) left us the example of the surest and most certain way to invite people to Islam and one that is in itself beneficial to us.

2.Al-Qawa'id pt.4,
       judicial precepts translated by the Al-Mahdi Institute.

6.News Items.

7.The Creed of Shi'a from Their Own Sources. A Reply Pt.2

10..Al-Azhar Verdict on the Shia

12..Chapters from Usul Al-Kafi

16..A Poem

17..Is Al-Kafi Sahih