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any such changes cannot be regarded as obligatory, neither Wajib nor Fardh but are at most reccomended.  According to hadith number 402 and those similar in Sahih Muslim one may request any good thing from Allah swt. after the Tashahud and we have no reason to deny that the recognition of the status of Imam 'Ali (as) is a good thing to declare.


1.)They believe in 12 Imaams after Rasulullaah.
2.) First being Ali (R.A).
3.) Last being the 12th Imaam
4.) Who is in a Cave 'Surra - Man- Raa'.

     It is reported in Bukhari that the Prophet (saw.) said that their would be Twelve Imams after him.  The accounts of Al- Ghadeer and the hadith, " You, Oh 'Ali are to me like Haroon was to Musa except that there will be no prophets after me." seem sufficient indication upon the being of the rightful successor to the Holy Prophet (saw.)  If there are to be twelve Imams then it would seem logical that the last would also be the twelfth.  Isn't it nice to agree on something!  There are many accounts of where the Twelfth Imam, (as). may be found.  My own opinion is that they are generaly figurative and seek to place a handle on a spiritual concept.

5.) Imaams they believe are Masoom- innocent.
     Since by following the Sunnah of the Prophet,( saw.) we are obliged to believe in the innocence of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters until it is proven otherwise, I will continue to believe only good of these men, the best and legitimate descendants of Banu Hashim, Companions of undoubted faith and loyalty proven in peace, war and debate, their children and companions and so on.  If the Brother who wrote this list has any accusations against their character or reputation let him state them and offer proof that will stand in a Shari' court and face the consequences if he fails!

6.) They can make Halaal- Haraam and Haraam - Halaal .
7.) They can change Deen- Sharia.

     In number six the writer seeks to deny 'Ali (as.) what he accepts from Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat  'Umar.  In the belief of the Shi'a such things may not be altered if they contradict the Holy Word of Allah, (swt.)  .  Any Mujtahid can change the Shariah!  It is a body of practical rulings derived from source and methodology or