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Issue 6/Volume 1

Those for the head being:     

1 trimming one's moustache   
2 keeping one's beard     
3 nourishing one's hair (with Henna) 
4 brushing one's teeth     
5 flossing one's teeth     

And those for the body being:

1 circumcision
2 trimming one's nails
3 cleaning one's self with water
4 cleaning one's arm pits/pubic hair
5 ceremonial bath (ghusl al-janabah)

The above mentioned were the things endowed upon Prophet Ibrahim (as) as the beard was to Adam (as), and as a result we can see that these were not abrogated, nor will they be till the day of recompense, the verse here being Verse125, Chapter4 al-Nisa (The Women)

"And who has a better religion than he who submits himself entirely to Allah? And he is the doer of good (to others) and followers of the faith of Ibrahim, the upright one and Allah took Ibrahim as a friend."

This verse being another proof that what Prophet Ibrahim (as) was endowed with our Holy Prophet (saw) was also requested to comply with by the All Mighty Creator of all things.

On analysing this and many other narrations such as this one, one may find that some of the acts mentioned in one single narration may have things which are "recommended" and at the same time in the same narration find acts which are "obligatory" this confusion is very easily solved by a Faqih (Mujathid) who also refers to many other Narrations by which he can easily categorise each and every act, be it recommended or otherwise, and give to us the final result in it's correct category .

Editors Note:  This work will be continued and concluded in the March, 2002 issue of the Journal.