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Issue 6/Volume 1

Topics Relating to the
Master of Our Age (a.s.)

Section: 4  The situation before his emergence: Corruption, Innovation, Oppression, Excessive transgression and the power of the transgressors, lack of emphasis on obedience of Allah, spreading of evil, and open indecency.

Kamal al-Din  (Completion of Faith)

Reported on the authority of Hasan b Ahmad b Idris from his father from Abu Sa'id Sahl b Ziyad al-Adamiy from Muhammad b Adam al-Shaibani from his father Adam b Abu Iyas from Mubarak from Faddalah from Wahb b Munabbah who attribute the tradition to Ibn Abbas, he said:
The Prophet said: When my Lord the Almighty ascended with me to the heavens he called upon me, "O Muhammad!" I answered: "I hear and obey O Lord of Grandeur!"  Allah then revealed to me, "O Muhammad! Do you know why the great angels argued?"
"I have no knowledge regarding that my God", I said.
"O Muhammad! Have you appointed a vizier, a brother, and Successor after you from among the people?"
I said, "O my Lord! Who shall I appoint? You must appoint someone for me O my Lord."
Allah then revealed to me, "O Muhammad! I have chosen for you from among all the people Ali  the son of Abu Talib."
"O my Lord! He is but the son of my uncle!" I answered.
"O Muhammad! Ali shall be your heir, the one to inherit the legacy of knowledge from you, the bearer of the flag of praise on the day of judgement, the custodian of your pond from which any believer from your nation who  passes by it will have his thirst quenched."
Allah then revealed to me, "O Muhammad! Indeed I have made a true pledge upon myself that the one who harbours hatred for you, your household, or your pure progeny shall never ever drink from the pond. I say to you, I shall let all of your people into paradise except for the one from my creation that refuses."
I said, "O my Lord! Can anyone refuse to enter paradise?"
"Of course!" He said.
"How can he refuse?" I asked.
He answered, "O Muhammad! I chose you from my creation, I then chose a successor for you giving him the same position as that of Aaron in relation to Moses except that there can never be another prophet after you. I then instilled his love in your heart making him the father of your grandchildren. Therefore, his right upon your nation is like your right upon them during your life. Whomsoever  disputes his right has disputed with your right. Whomsoever,  refuses to support him has refused to support you, and he who refuses to support you has refused to enter paradise."