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Issue 6/Volume 1

I then fell down in prostration, showing my gratitude to the Almighty Allah for the great favour upon me. At that same time a voice announced, "Raise thy head O Muhammad! Ask of me and I shall grant it!"
I called, "O my Lord! Unite my people after me under the leadership of Ali the son of Abu Talib so that they may all come to drink from my pond together on the day of judgement."
"O Muhammad! Indeed I have decreed upon my servants before I created them and my decree shall come to pass. I shall destroy with it whomsoever I wish and I shall guide whomsoever I wish. I have granted him your knowledge after you upon your family and nation as a firm decision from me. I shall let enter paradise whoever loves him and I will not allow into paradise whoever hates him, fights him, or disputes his leadership after you. Whoever angers him angers you and whoever angers you angers me. Whoever wages war against him has waged war against you and whoever wages war against you has waged war against me. Whoever loves him has loved you and whoever loves you has loved me. I have granted him this favour and I have granted you the favour of producing from him twelve rightly guided personalities and they are all from your progeny from your pure daughter. The last man from among them will have the honour of leading Jesus the son of Mary in prayers. He shall spread justice on earth just as evil and oppression had been widespread. It is through him that I shall save men from destruction and through him that I shall guide them from darkness.  I shall grant sight to the blind through him and cure the sick."
I said, "O my Lord and Master! When shall that be?"
He said, "This will happen at the time when knowledge vanishes while ignorance is rife, the number of those who preach what they do not practise will multiply, and good deeds will be scarce. Killing will be common. Scholars and guides will be few and deceptive and misguiding scholars will increase, poets will increase, and their graves will be turned into Mosques, Qur'an will be decorated and Mosques will be adorned with beauty and indecency and corruption will be widespread. Evil shall spread and your nation will enthuse towards it while they prevent good. Men shall desire man while women shall desire women. The leaders shall become clear apostates, their ministers evil, and their helpers bureaucratic oppressors. Their advisors shall be hypocrites. At that time there shall be three lunar eclipses in the East and one in the West, and another in the Arabian peninsular. Basra will fall at the hands of a man from your progeny whose followers shall be black. A man from the children of al-Husayn will appear, and so to will the Dajjal appear from the Eastern region of Sajistan. The Safavids will also appear."
I said, "O my Lord! How long after me will this evil be?"