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Issue 7/ Volume 1


This month's issue was again delayed but I believe that you will not mind or even remember the delay as you become immersed in the detailed descriptions of the events leading to the martyrdom of al-Imam al-Husayn ibn 'Ali ibn Abu Talib (as).

Thanks to many brothers and sisters who support the Institute with payments of khums and those who make small donations we are able to produce works of high calibre and interest.  For every tear that is shed, for every heart that is moved, for every breast that expands by reading this work they share the immeasurable rewards that our Creator, Allah (swt) bestows on those who love whom He loves.

This world full of news about low and base acts needs the message, brought by the Holy Prophet (saw) that al-Husayn lived no less today than when it was threatened by the evils bred by the misrule of Yazid. Fi amanillah.

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Is Shaving One's Beard Unlawful?P2

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Chapter 7               P82

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