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Is Shaving One's Beard

Answers with proofs from the four sources that
the rules of the Islamic Shariah are derived from.

(Continued from issue 6)
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The Second Source: Al-Sunnah
(Traditions of the Holy Prophet (sws) & the Imams (as)

1 Al-Kafi / Jababaah-al-Walebiah stated:

I saw the leader of the Believers 'Ali (as) walking in a courtyard with a two pronged stick, he was striking sellers of unlawful edible fish with it , and said to them  "O Sellers, the transformed ones of bani Israil (into apes) and the soldiers of Bani Marwan (who transgressed in the land) a nation of whom used to shave their beards and lengthen their moustaches were surely transformed "(into animals) (*the sellers being without beards and having long moustaches)

There is no doubt that the Hadith is pointing to shaving ones beard being unlawful, because the persons being reprimanded and deservedly so in such a strong manner and by Ali (as) does point only to the fact that an unlawful act was taking place and it is the solemn duty of the Imam of the time to forbid evil and enjoin good etc. and by observing the above mentioned Hadith we also understand that if the actions of those being reprimanded were not to be considered unlawful at least their actions would without a doubt be considered as abominable actions, but in fact those taking part in such actions , for them to be transformed by the wrath and anger of Allah(swt) would point to the actions addressed in the narration being unlawful rather than mere abominable actions

  1. Al-Jafferiat in which the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) states:

Shaving the beard is surely maltreatment (of others) and for one who maltreats, may the curse of Allah (swt) be upon him

If shaving of the beard is considered as "maltreatment" and its subject deserving of the curse of Allah (swt) and when one is cursed by Allah (swt) it necessitates him being angry with the subject in question, his action would also be disliked up to such an extent, that he becomes deserving of the wrath/curse of Allah (swt), this conclusion would not contradict logic and understanding in any way what so ever, also no ruling by any individual jurist (Mujtahid) can be found which considers "maltreatment" as being lawful and as a result, if shaving is being