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dictates, that every potential "harm" should be avoided, and to alleviate harm would become obligatory, so if the scholars and the doctors inform us about a harmful issue, it would at that moment become obligatory upon us to avoid that issue, and that would be as a result of our own intellect and logic dictating to us, the avoiding of anything that might harm us

We see that when the leader of the Prophets, doctors and wise men Prophet Muhammad (saw) forbade the Muslims (and the so called Muslims) from certain issues, whereas, many questions were raised and sometimes the issue in question was and is sometimes totally ignored, and as we know the Prophet of Islam (saw) forbade us from shaving our beards because of it being harmful and therefore unlawful, it should also be noted that Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran:

He does not speak from his own desires but it is revealed upon him

Most learned scholars of the west also agree that the Prophet of Islam (saw) was a great man of his era and also of times to come, and it is proven that all Godly rules are not issued except by the infinite wisdom and goodness being inherent within them, from here on in it is understood, that only with the wisdom, intellect and goodness which Allah (swt) knows about, does such a ruling reach his humble slaves

Western views concerning the beard

Keeping a beard strengthens teeth and gums, Sujan Afendi al-Marwani states in his book, History of America, Vol. 160, Dr Victor George states, "the beard saves the face from getting wet protects the teeth and gums", he then states:" we once shaved the beards of all the rail workers in our region in summer, where as it was noticed that most of them suffered from tooth ache and sores in the gums" in another statement he says; "persons who had been protected from the cold at the North pole came back to England, shaved their beards and a week later they had become ill"

Some of the Canonical verdicts of our great Mujtahedin

The only time when one is allowed to shave ones beard according to some Mujtahids, is: When ones life is in danger, because of necessary treatment, when one by shaving can protect his religion, or when one becomes the focus of serious ridicule, etc. one has to refer to one's own Mujtahid to clarify one's own duty towards Allah (swt)

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