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Issue 2/Volume 2


   In this issue we have a selection of thought provoking articles that address contemporary issues.

Doctor David Thomas' short article is an enlightening insight into contemporary Christian thinking on the relationship between Islam and Christianity from an author whose knowledge of the historical development of this relationship has brought him international recognition from the academic community.

Professor Ibrahim el-Arabi MD from the University of Alexandria, Egypt looks at the nature of man as revealed in the Qur'an and adds to his analysis of the scriptural text with observations from his medical experiences.  With so much discussion of medical ethics and human rights being forced upon everyone by the campaigns in favour of euthanasia, elective abortion and in vitro fertilisation this is a valuable and informative work that has wide implications upon how we discern the line between life and death.

Mawlana Sayyid Ali Raza Naqvi offers some thoughts for parents and teachers to consider when assessing what to teach young people and how they should be taught.

Shazim Krishingee  wrote this article on the History of Usul al-Fiqh as a research assignment for the Second Year Fiqh Module at the al-Mahdi Institute where he is a student.  It is a concise review of the development of Usul al-Fiqh by the Ithna Asheri scholars that is a useful introduction to the subject and is indicative of the standard of performance required from mid-course students by the Institute.

Mawlana Seyed Hashem Moosavi has submitted the first of a series of articles for readers of Farsi.

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