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a material outcome of that Life which is in the Word of God and is the light of mankind, as John's Gospel teaches.  That Life, we should note, does not give light to Christians alone but to everyone.  So, in exactly the same way as the saints of the church have been reflections of that light, holy people outside the church have also shone with it, including Muhammad.
  We reach an intriguing and exciting paradox: the Qur'an as an outcome of the light of the Word may in its alien way have teachings to balance and enrich those given by Christian scripture, which is also an outcome of the light of the Word.  No wonder Islam disturbed John of Damascus, Francis and Luther.  For here is teaching that appears to contradict the Gospel, but which may still be accepted as bearing the touch of God.  Christians should maybe learn how to read with sympathy and humility what the Qur'an says, and bring it into relation with the teachings of the Bible.  If this took place, and Muslims mirrored it by studying Christian scripture, we might come to realise our two roads are really one, and find we could come to greet one another on the way with sincere signs of peace.


Dedicate a Book in Memory of a
Departed Loved One.

There are many ways in which readers of the Journal can help it and the Al-Mahdi Institute in their work.  In the past generous donors have paid for the publishing and distribution costs of a particular book, sponsored a translation, an edition of the Journal or contributed to the costs of maintaining advanced Islamic education in the heart of Britain by making a payment of Khums, Zakat or Sadaqah.

Often these gifts involve large sums of money but there are ways that small amounts of money can be donated and the donor can be assured of receiving an on going reward for themselves and their deceased loved ones.  By making a small one off donation a book may be purchased and placed by the Institute in a library or Mosque.  Inside the cover of each book there is a request for the reader to pray for the donors marhumin.  Not only will they receive the reward for placing one book because the money raised from the sale of these books is reserved for the translation, publication and distribution of more essential Islamic literature.  The reward for generations of seekers of knowledge reading these books can be the donor's and their family's.

At present the Institute is offering, "The Pearls of Divine Radiance" in this scheme for the inclusive price of 8.00 sterling.  This case bound book of 270 pages contains English translations and a hand written Arabic text of selected supplications from al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah and the Chapter of Devotions for the Holy Month of Ramadan from Mafatih al-Jinan.

Payments may be made in cash, by cheque or the Institute may be contacted to arrange payment by credit card and for any specific shipping requests.